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Default Aaliyah White, Dallas, TX looking for Black Owner

Aaliyah Ashante White
13505 Inwood Road, Apt 3318, Farmers Branch, TX 75244
Text 470-219-8699
Drivers License: 33829103 Texas

Ebony slut in Dallas, TX looking for new owner for fulltime submission. Must be willing to break me and abuse me both physically and sexually. I want a man or group of men to come to Dallas and grab me and make me their sexual property. I will submit but only after you show that you are deserving, you must be into CNC and BDSM and want a full-time, live-in, ebony sex slave for your pleasure. My Owner can be any race or age, but must be willing to have other men use me on a daily basis, I need strange men in me all day and all night, it is what I was born for. I will turn over my checking accounts and my 2022 Benz thats paid for to the man or men that actually come and grab me and take me away with them. I belonged to another man for over two years and he went to jail on a drug and gun charge so I need you very badly right now. I have been posting this for over 8 months and lots of guys say alot but no one comes through. About two months ago a couple guys walked up to me in my parking garage and i just knew finally my dream was answered, one guy grabbed my arm and I pulled away and was like wtf, he said we talked online, your coming with us, and I was like no we didnt it was someone else but insde I was just expoding and was so wet, he stepped towards me and i was like leave me the fuck alone, and they both stepped back and was like oh, sorry, didnt mean to make you mad, and left. i was so disappointed, all they had to do was punch me and take me but they ran away. The way my last owner broke me was he grabbed me one day in the parking lot of my apartment and punched me right in the stomach then slapped me across the face real hard, then him and two other guys pushed me into their car and held me down and took me away. When they got me to his place they took me in and tied me to the bed, gaged me, blindfolded me, and stripped me naked. The took the gag out and forced some pills in my mouth and had me drink a big glass of tequilia to swallow them down with, the repeated this every couple hours. Then he had guys on me every two hours for the first week, 24 hours a day, never got much sleep, once I would fall off I would feel guys climbing back on me and pushing in,then every four hours the second week, again 24 hours a day, then the third week he had the guys wait for every six hours and it almost killed me waiting that long between guys, I needed dick so bad by then. He kept pushing shit down my throat and up my nose and forcing me to drink and smoke stuff, I was turnt for a month, now it has been over two years since he left and I need it back in my life so bad. the feel of different men fucking yu every day, the warmth of their skin, the heat of their cream insiode of me, the pain of their slaps and punches, I miss it. I dont care if you are a pimp or a trafikr or your into race play and want a nigger sex slave or just want a black slut to own, please someone come grab me and take me away again and make me your sexual property. Chain me, tie me, beat me, nothing off limits physically or sexually. I have not had sex in over eight months, not on the pill, and no kids yet, and havent had anal in over two years. Please someone get a group together and come grab me and make me yours

Thanks for taking the time to read this, Aaliyah
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As trashy as always, Aaliyah.

PM me your folder url, if you still have it, and I'll make a gallery.
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