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Default Don't post her if you ain't supposed to

I just got a frantic message from a user who two days ago BEGGED me to upload a new gallery of his "bitch wife". Of course I declined then, and now I am kind of laughing.

This is a head up to anyone posting their wife "secretly", playing chicken with her nude photos - all criminals secretly wish to get caught. Some sooner than others. If you are secretly exposing your wife, please stop. read this message I copy and pasted if you aren't sure why. You can almost smell this guy's fear at the end:

From user "slutexposergraz1" two days ago
Hello from Austria, my wife and bitch Manuela wants to be spread all over the internet. Can you add her pics in your albums or make an own album for my big slut?

She wants to be a great "famous" Webslut, it's her own wish!


No. That is not what I do. I am a photographer and retoucher. If you have images you need manipulated, I can do that...but I am not a promoter of other people's work.
Thank you for asking :-)


You should look in the users search for users who include "exposer" in their rpofile neame, like https://pimpandhost.com/album/user/278903


Please STOP immediately! My wife Manuela no longer wants her pictures to be shown on the internet. She just yelled at me on the phone and said she would report anyone who posted pictures of her on the internet to the police. I am very sorry. And please delete everything, special the album of my wife immediately so that you don't get any problems!


April 28

I don't think I have any of her. You asked me to expose her and I said No that I do not do that.

If you see any of her pictures in one of my galleries then you will need to point it out to me. I don't know any names LOL...and THIS is exactly why I do NOT "expose" other people's pictures. It's your trouble not mine. LOL You got what you wanted? She is exposed?

I am sorry for you

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H264prq (05-14-2023)
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got the same message i never post women who i don't know bullshit stuff
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hepcat940 (05-02-2023), spanishfly86-4U (04-29-2023)
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It is really not cool to expose people who don't want that. It should be reported to P&H
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